Organic Status and Farming Practices

At Agulhas Honeybush Tea we have farmed using organic farming practices for decades, but only received our organic certification status and certificates in 2015. This certification ensures that we can plant, process and sell our tea as 100% organic to national and global markets.

This organic certification also requires us to not use chemicals for fertilization, herbicides for weeds, or insecticides for insect control nor any other disease control measures. The only pest control measures are being done by nature itself in the form of predator and prey e.g. birds of prey and mice etc.

Our organic certification responsibility does not end there. We try to farm as close to nature as possible with sustainable farming practices always being our priority when expanding our tea fields. Alien vegetation (plants not indigenous to South Africa) is removed and Honeybush Tea is planted. The large seed bank of Fynbos still in the soil are given the opportunity to grow and flourish without the detrimental influence of alien vegetation stunting their growth. This means our Honeybush Tea grows between natural fynbos that is indigenous to the area.

Tea from Agulhas Honeybush Tea is harvested from our own sustainable cultivated source and not from any source in the wild; a measure which contributes to the conservation of the natural resources that might be strained due to overharvesting or poor education with regards to harvesting protocols. All these carefully considered decisions regarding harvesting, planting, breeding and processing of Honeybush Tea are meant to contribute to our sustainable and organic farming practices without any compromises.

We have been exporting conventional and organic Honeybush Tea since 2014 to countries that include Germany, Spain, France, and USA. Each batch of tea offered to a buyer has a lab result schedule that are sent to buyer to prove food safety, organic status and export grade status.

Although we sell our tea nationally too, we are proud to export tea to clients outside South Africa since 2014. These countries include Germany, Spain, France, and USA.

Each batch of tea sold to a buyer has a lab result schedule that proves the tea being sold is export grade, food safe, and its organic status (if applicable).