About us

Sustainable, Organic, Natural, Honeybush Tea

Honeybush Tea is indigenous to South Africa and specifically found close to the Fynbos areas in the Western - and Eastern Cape. There are more than 20 different Honeybush Tea species and each of them favours very specific environmental conditions to thrive. Thus, some species require cooler weather, with nearby sea breezes to flourish, as in the case of C. genistoides (kustee, “coastal tea”). Other species, like C. intermedia (bergtee, “mountain tea”) prefer a cold environment high up on southern mountain slopes, where snow and fog occur regularly.

There are still areas where Honeybush Tea can be harvested in the wild, as well as organic certified farmers and processing plants that do this in a proper responsible and sustainable manner. However, all our tea is harvested from our own sustainable source and not from any source in the wild; a measure which contributes to the conservation of the natural genetic diversity of C. genistoides. All these carefully considered decisions regarding harvesting, planting, breeding and processing of Honeybush Tea are meant to contribute to our sustainable and organic farming practises without any compromises.

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