Honeybush Tea Research

Environmentally friendly farming practices from research

During our exceptional journey with Honeybush Tea, we had the privilege of meeting and working with many researchers from universities and organisations throughout South Africa and abroad. We welcome these dedicated researchers as they introduce us to many ideas and environmentally friendly farming practices. These are regularly incorporated to reduce our environmental footprint.

Since 1994 dr. Hannes de Lange from Oudtshoorn, did research on different Honeybush Tea species on our farm. This research dealt with issues surrounding pollination, breeding, sustainable farming practices, as well as the processing of Honeybush Tea. He also played a significant role in establishing a protocol for the stimulation of seed germination. Virtually no germination is found with untreated seed due to its extremely hard and impermeable seed coat, when attempting to cultivate Honeybush Tea.

Dr. Hannes de Lange from Oudtshoorn

Without his research we would not have come this far with our tea business. As a result of this research and all the trials and errors, we are in a unique position to make decisions regarding our future in this industry, specifically about the size of our company and the number of hectares of tea we plant and the volumes of tea we produce, harvest and process.

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